"The difference between a good officer and an excellent one is about ten seconds. A fine rule is to get going sooner than anticipated, travel faster than expected, and arrive before you're due."
-Admiral Arleigh A. Burke

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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the website of the
Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation.

We are a non-profit Virginia Corporation incorporated in 1983 to assist in the collection and preservation of antiquities relating to the United States Navy, primarily concerning the Hampton Roads area and the immediate surroundings.

In addition,the Foundation cooperates with and supports the United States Navy in maintaining and operating the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. Located in Norfolk, Virginia, it is one of the Navy's twelve official museums, and is the permanent berth of the retired Iowa-Class Battleship, USS Wisconsin.

The Museum is also the custodian of the remains of the USS Cumberland, a 50-gun sailing frigate of the United States Navy. She was the first ship sunk by the ironclad CSS Virginia. The Cumberland's remains are currently moored to the bottom of the James River off Newport News Shipyard (now Huntington-Ingalls).

You can be part of this important endeavor by becoming a member. By joining us, you directly help the museum's mission of preserving and interpreting the history of the United States Navy in the nation's finest harbor.

The history of surface warfare in the U.S. Navy begins here. Welcome aboard!

The Arleigh Burke at Sea Memorial

PMoFThe men and women of the Admiral’s Destroyer are dedicated to serving their country with honor, and take great pride in what they do at sea. In support of these Sailors and the Navy’s heritage, patrons have embarked on a noble project to honor Admiral Arleigh Burke’s legacy onboard the ship that bears his name.