DDG-51 at Sea Memorial

The Arleigh Burke at Sea Memorial exists largely thanks to
generous contributions from Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems
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Arleigh_Burke_1951The men and women of the Admiral’s Destroyer are dedicated to serving their country with honor, and take great pride in what they do at sea. In support of these Sailors and the Navy’s heritage, we have embarked on a noble project to honor Admiral Arleigh Burke’s legacy.

Over the past months, friends of the ARLEIGH BURKE have been busy locating, photographing, cataloging, and storing hundreds of historically significant artifacts that belonged to Arleigh and Bobbie Burke. With help from the surrounding surface warfare community, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, and professional conservators from the Metropolitan Museum in New York, we have developed a plan to preserve and display these items throughout the ship.

AB-CollectionOur endeavor coincides with the congressionally mandated Destroyer Modernization Program. DDGs 51-78 will be upgraded with the combat systems and engineering suites of the Navy’s newest destroyers. This effort will ensure USS ARLEIGH BURKE’S sea service into the 2030s - rebuilt, and ready to fight. These exhibits will be a timeless reminder to the crew of the culture they have inherited.

This educational effort will be executed with the assistance of the Hampton Roads Naval Museum staff. The fund raising effort will be coordinated by the Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation. Without the help of people like you we can not afford the project expense and cannot make the vision become a reality.

collection2The crew of ARLEIGH BURKE sacrifices countless hours away from family and friends and your donation to this project will show your continued support for America’s fighting Sailors.