"The difference between a good officer and an excellent one is about ten seconds. A fine rule is to get going sooner than anticipated, travel faster than expected, and arrive before you're due."
-Admiral Arleigh A. Burke

About Us

The Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Virginia Corporation incorporated in 1983 to assist in the collection and preservation of antiquities relating to the United States Navy, primarily concerning the Hampton Roads area and the immediate surroundings. In addition, the Foundation cooperates with and supports the United States Navy in maintaining and operating the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.

It is overseen by leading members of the regional community in southeastern Virginia. These members serve as a board of directors on a non-paid, volunteer bias. It has two paid staff members, an executive director who oversees the daily operations of the organization, and a manager of a gift located at Naval Station Norfolk.


In 2005 the foundation provided support to the Granby Street - World War Two uniform exhibit, a naval history exhibit at Fleet Forces Command and the USS Cumberland archaeology project film. 

A number of educational programs also benefited from our support including the Dunderfunk Luncheon Lectures, the Flag Day Program on the USS Wisconsin, the Children’s Summer Program and the Deployed Sailors Program Christmas Card Program.

And finally, we provided recognition support to the over 100 volunteers that interpret the exhibits and bring naval history alive for the over 350,000 visitors a year to the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.

Along with ongoing support of the museum's mission, the Foundation has had several major funding raising accomplishments, including:
    • Between 1991 and 1999, the Foundation raised $500,000 to pay for new permanent exhibits at the museum's new home in downtown Norfolk.
    • With the arrival of the battleship ex-USS Wisconsin to downtown Norfolk, the Foundation pledged and raised $250,000 to build a permanent exhibit on the history of the ship.
    • In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1907 Jamestown Exposition and the sailing of the Great White Fleet, the Foundation pledged and paid $50,000 to an exhibit celebrating and interpreting both events.